All this cleaning might not be so bad!

So we all know the COVID -19 pandemic has caused major issues in the hospitality industry from business closures to job loss and now constant changes in government oversight telling us how we should run our businesses. It’s bad!

But! I have started to find what I hope are some new habits and not just temporary changes that were brought about due to the pandemic. The guidelines and in some places mandates, I like focus on the single-use restaurant menus.

I have experienced a variety of offerings such as; a paper food menu but the cocktail menu was displayed on the bar in a leather cover, a black and white photocopy of the menu ( to keep the inspector guy happy I was told), and some places just handed me their menu in the plastic sleeves they have always used (which made me immediately use my hand sanitizer!). I’m pretty sure single-use menus is what we are striving for these days!

Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels

Those of us who have spent time in the front of the house know that menus are not cleaned as often as they should be. Heck, a menu could end up on the floor, the bathroom and even in the hands of a hundred other guests before they get wiped down again!

So why not embrace this one new hygiene habit?! Common folks! Use paper menus or find another innovative way to display your menus so no one has to even touch one. It doesn’t have to be a chalkboard either!

Let this pandemic be the catalyst for some amazing creative changes in the industry!

Stay well! ~Lisa

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