Time to diversify?

Ok, we have all heard that there will be a new “norm” going forward due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But as the hospitality industry is still trying to reopen and is in survival mode we still do not have firm guidance on what the new “norm” will look like for small restaurants and bars.

So why not define your own future with the things we do know?! We do know more take-out options and outdoor seating options would be beneficial in assisting with social distancing. What have you done to implement these types of options as a permanent solution not just during the phases recovery? Have you even thought about these options for the future of your business?

Are you thinking you can’t afford to implement something new? Can you afford not to try?

We recently had the honor of assisting Roff School Tavern in Meadville, Pa with such a project. A tradional craft beer pub that was closed for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic with no established take -out options when they had to shut down. Knowing they needed better options in case they had to close again we developed a new line of business for them, shaved ice and adult slushies to-go! We redesigned their already existing outside bar in their beer garden with a walk up window to the outside. Now families can visit inside or outside with a designated take out location.

Best of luck Roff School Tavern on your new adventure!!

The walk up window with addition seating and to-go options.

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