Hospitality Development Seminars and Etiquette Dinners

Andrus Hospitality offers several development seminars to help small and large hospitality organizations achieve operational efficiency.

Development Seminars offered:
– Serving for experience and efficiency
– Pouring for experience and efficiency
– Engaging customers: Developing dining frequency
– Maximizing tips in the hospitality industry
– Design your own (additional fees apply)

All development seminars are four hours in length and run $500 plus travel expenses.

Etiquette Dinners

Do you work with students? Interns? Or do you just have a group of friends that would like to brush up on their meal time etiquette?

Andrus Hospitality offers etiquette training that focuses on meal time conversation, dress code, menu selection, table settings and any other questions your guests have about table manners that they are too afraid to ask anywhere else!

Recently, we helped teach a men’s basketball team at a local university how to dress for success, what topics to talk about at the dinner table (with volunteer table hosts leading the conversation!), how to pass the bread basket and cut their food properly.

Before the etiquette dinner we collected questions from the men about their anxieties and concerns when presented with a formal dinner situation. Throughout the dinner we answered those anonymous questions and helped ease their minds when graduating into their professional lives. It was a blast!

Small Business Training programs

We develop a wide range of small business training programs for all industries!

Examples of our recent small business training programs:

  • Customer service training (front facing employees)
  • Retail store layout, merchandising, sales promotion, marketing
  • Owner budget and finances streamlining

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