Is the lack of meal time conversation effecting young professionals?

UPDATED!!! Free checklist at the end of this post!

Growing up my parents made sure we all sat down to eat together at the dining room table. The time was to be spent discussing everyone’s day and taking time to talk to each other since each of us had busy schedules.

Now, as our busy schedules have changed dramatically and many of us have more time with our loved ones. How has your meal time changed? Are you sitting down to a meal together more these days? What are you talking about at the dinner table? Are you experiencing more of a dining experience and not just eating on the fly?

When I conduct etiquette dinners the greatest challenge for the attendees is what to say at the dinner table. Ok, it might be number two to the ultimate question “which fork do I use” but it is a major cause of anxiety!

Here are some common questions the attendees have about dining in a professional environment: What do you talk about at the dinner table? What should I not talk about at the dinner table? How do you address the wait staff? And why can’t I use my cell phone at the table?

I recommend using this new found quality time in our lives to help our children learn how to have a conversation at the dinner table, without their devices, so they feel comfortable speaking to a perspective employer or someone who might impact their lives.

If you need help with where to start contact Lisa at

At Home Meal Time Etiquette Checklist!

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